Have a  work in progress?  Starting from scratch? Need a good editor or a thorough proofreader? Intown Communications is here to help you with writing, editing and content curation (that’s fancy for generating ideas and putting together the best content for a specific project). 

From one-time projects to long-term partnerships, Intown Communications is your go-to for all writing and editing services.  Award-winning writer Fran Putney has extensive experience crafting messaging, telling stories, communicating information and creating documents  for any print or digital platform, for distribution inside or outside of your organization.  

Intown Communications works  with individuals, small and large businesses, nonprofit organizations and media. We keep the big picture and your communications goals in mind. Here is a short list of writing and editing projects we are ready to jump in to help with:

  • Articles  (any length)
  • Press releases
  • Business success stories
  • Profiles, Interviews
  • Blogs
  • Letters, reports
  • Technical writing
  • Grant Writing
  • Web content
  • Books
  • Proofreading

Let’s get started!  Contact Intown Communications now for more information.  

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